Kite Rental and Storage

Kite Center and Kitestation in Cumbuco

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Over the last years, Brazil became a kite mecca. Any kitesurfer has heard of Ceara and Cumbuco. The warm water an the trade wind from July to January makes Cumbuco to one of the best kitespots for kitesurfing.

Cumbuco became his status as kite spot number one in Brazil because there you will find great infrastructure, its close to the airport and the capital Fortaleza, and also it´s one of the most beautiful kite spots in Brazil.

There are a lot of kite schools and kite stations. Kite lessons are offered in different languages. There ist the possibility to by gear, rent kite gear or store your kitestuff. You also find kite and board repair at Cumbuco.

The best month are from juni until january. In this periode the wind is blowing almost every day. The kitesize you need at this time is between 7 and 12m2.

Our kitesurf shool is located 2min walk from the Kite Hostel away. We are teaching on IKO standard and with brand new material. The lessions takes 6 hours. It will be fine if you have 3 - 3 days time becouse it is perfect to teach only 2 hours a day. We only teach with maximum 2 disciple.

Theorie  and Praxis

Kite Lesson

Kites: Core GTS2, XR2
Boards: Deluxe, Carved

3 h Lesson up to € 115 - 150 (incl. kite equipment)   

6 h Lesson up to € 222 - 290 (incl. kite equipment)   

Private lesson up to € 61 - 80 (incl. kite equipment) € 38 - 50 (excl. kite equipment)


Kite, Bar, Brett, Accessoires

Kite Rental

Kites: Core GTS2, XR2
Boards: Deluxe, Carved

1 day up to € 69 - 90
3 days up to € 138 - 180
1 week up to € 275 - 360

Kite-Hostel in Cumbuco with Kitestation and Kitesurf School I office(@)